Environ Cool Peeling System

Environ cool peeling system is a safe and effective peeling system as it is based on lactic acid which is found naturally in our skin, hair, and nails. Environ cool peels are peels that don’t peel the skin and as a result are light repetitive peels that the client can have weekly. The Environ cool peel has been designed to be safe for the client and effective in generating results and gratifying in results for client. Environ uses lower dose of lactic acid on the skin for longer time and as it has better results and no downtime for the client.

It is advisable to prepare the skin with Environ vitamin A moisturisers for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to peeling as the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin) has to be intact and strong. If the client has a retinol reaction, then we will wait until this has gone before we proceed with the Environ cool peel system. As Environ cool peeling works in synergy with Environ ethos of creating healthy skin ensuring to not destroy unhealthy cells but instead rehabilitate the cells by nourishing them. There are 3 types of skin that Environ cool peels are suitable for, and they are Acne skins, Photo-damaged skin, and Acne Rosacea skin.

The benefits of Environ cool peels for acne skins are that the skin is sterilised reducing the ph. levels and bacteria on the skin, helping to reduce inflammation & redness on the skin, stimulate collagen to help wound/scarring to heal and prevent further scarring. The benefits on photo-damaged skin are stimulates growth factors in the fibroblast cells which are responsible for wound healing and stimulates Epidermal growth factors which are responsible for plumping the epidermis. The benefits for acne rosacea skin are sterilise the skin killing the demodex mite (can live on the skin of rosacea clients) reduces bacteria on the skin, reduce redness and inflammation by stimulating vascular endothelial growth factors.

In Celebrate Skin we have had amazing results using Environ cool peel system and would recommend a course of 6 treatments coming into the clinic once a week and it is only a 30minute treatment, we will then access the skin after the 6 weeks and see if further treatment is required and if not then the client can proceed with our other Environ treatments on offer.

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