Environ & Dr. Des Fernandes

Environ is a scientific skincare that really makes a difference, has won numerous awards in the skincare industry and that is why we are so delighted in Celebrate Skin to be working with and using these amazing products and providing environ facial systems. Environ was created by Dr. Des Fernandes who is the no.3 surgeon in the world, is a renowned doctor, surgeon, scientist, and pioneer who created micro needling. Environ vitamin A cream was initially made for his patients who were undergoing surgery for skin cancers among other treatments, and he saw how this cream he formulated helped scars heal, made the skin healthier and strengthen skin immunity, it was known as Des’s creams, it grew in popularity and then there was a waiting list for this cream, this resulted in him producing Environ for the general public and aren’t we so glad that he did.  This is a quote from Dr. Des Fernandes in 1989 “I wanted to make something that makes the skin actually be better, not merely feel or appear better”. 

Environ skin care provides a scientifically proven vitamin-based skincare system that will help counteract free radical damage i.e., effects of pollution, stress, and environmental damage. Do you know that our skin ages by 90% environmental and only 10% is based on our genes. It will also correct the deficiency of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients of the skin this will result in beautiful skin for a lifetime. By using these ingredients Environ skin care products will protect the skin and restore some of the skin’s lost youthful properties.

Environ skin care products are manufactured from only the highest quality raw materials and are only tested on human volunteers with Dr. Des Fernandes and other directors of the company testing every product first to make sure it meets the standards and results then on to an expert panel, and finally clinical trials but never tested on animals.  Environ products are produced under red light to protect molecules in serums, each batch is independently tested and are available in an airless pump bottle to ensure the creams and serum are of the highest quality all through its shelf life. All products meet the SA (CTFA) and international (COLIPA) coding and labelling standards.

Vitamin A is the cornerstone of Environ and contains the maximum permissible levels in a cosmetic product. That is why Environ have introduced a step-up system to start low and go slow to minimise any retinol reaction. A consultation is imperative and that is why we in Celebrate Skin always ensure that any new or existing clients have consultations to see what your skincare goals are and how we can best ensure that we can help you by using the correct Environ skin care products and facial treatments to help you achieve this.

Environ have also introduced a professional facial system which has such amazing, targeted results and we are so happy to be able to offer this as well to our clients. I have written a blog on this treatment as it deserves to be explained fully so that you as our clients know and understand what to expect during the treatment and how it really can treat your skin. Please have a look at my other blogs on Vitamin A & C to see how they can treat your skin so that you have a better understanding of how these can help you achieve your skincare goals.

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