Environ Professional Facial Systems

Environ has created the Ionzyme DF machine that we use in facials in Celebrate Skin. It really is a powerful machine that really targets the clients skin concerns. Environ has pioneered the combination of active low frequency sonophoresis and pulsed iontophoresis. The DF machine was specially designed for Environ skincare treatments to maximise the enhanced penetration of the serums into the dermis of the skin and is the first machine commercially available with this potency. The Ionzyme DF machine is patented to Environ so its good to know that you the client is getting the use of the best machine of this type on the market.

Sonophoresis uses soundwaves to transport important molecules through the skin and the frequency of the sound cannot be altered. These soundwaves create cavitation’s or pathways into the skin and the serum is pushed into the dermis of the skin. Iontophoresis uses a continuous or intermittent micro current up to a maximum of 2.0mA. Environ uses an intermittent current and this is ensuring that the client is barely aware that such a powerful modality is being used. As Environ uses combined iontophoresis and sonophoresis through a probe it provides the most intensive treatment pushing the serums into the deeper layers of the skin.

That is why it is so important that in Celebrate Skin we do a full consultation before you commence your treatment and why we ask at every treatment thereafter if anything has changed medically so that we can access if we just use sonophoresis on its own or we combine both sonophoresis & iontophoresis. We can create a bespoke treatment according to your skin concerns and needs. For best results we would recommend that the client uses Environ vitamin A home regime products because the higher the AVST you are using then the higher strength of serums we can use during the treatment and if you are rolling then we can use your roller at the start of the treatment to maximise the penetration of the active serums to ensure you have better results and really target your skincare concerns or needs.

During the treatment when we apply the active serum onto the clients skin and use the sonic probe the active serum is penetrated deeper into the dermis of the skin by 4000%. We apply the active serum onto the skin before the alginate mask is applied and use facial probe clips on the mask it penetrates the active serum into the dermis by 400%.  Using combined sonophoresis and iontophoresis in this treatment is equivalent to 77 hours of hands-on facial as the absorption is much greater.

Treatments can vary from focus on treatments concentrating on 1 area of concern and the client may have every week for 6 weeks we will create a bespoke treatment for the client. To a more comprehensive 90-minute treatment, we recommend that you have one of these Environ facials every 4 weeks and we will advise you of your aftercare.

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