By Anne Savage, Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist, Celebrate Skin


Fun fact – Do you know that there are more than 40 trillion microbes living on us & in us? This affects every single system within the human body, including the skin!

95% of Serotonin (Happy Hormone) is produced in the digestive tract. So, a happy gut is so important! A happy gut is also so important for our skin. Think about a time you had a tummy bug or overindulged on holidays. Not only does our tummy & bowel feel off but also our skin starts to suffer with breakouts, lack of radiance etc. How can we help to build our gut heath, boost our bowel health and skin health, whilst at the same time to help reduce skin issues? By taking Skin Youth Biome.

Skin Youth Biome is different to all other Probiotics in the market:

  1. The specially formulated bacteria are in a protective matrix which ensures live bacteria survives the stomach acid & passes through the intestine where it is finally released so they can target where they are needed most.
  2. Skin Youth Biome has gone through rigorous stability testing to guarantee there are 5 billion active cultures right up to the end of shelf life. No need to refrigerate.
  3. Live cultures are encapsulated in vegetable capsules made from plant fibre sourced from trees & packaged in aluminium blister which provides additional protection from moisture & light.
  4. Great for pregnancy – leads to a healthy birth canal & reduces instances of allergies in the baby by 50%.
  5. Great for anybody suffering from bowel issues such as IBS, Colitis, Crohns. At the start it can cause bloating or gas in a person up to 2 weeks but this is normal as it is the gut settling down.

And how it is good for Skin Health.

  1. Helps reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and nourishes dehydrated skin.
  2. Helps support the skin’s natural barrier to reduce infections.
  3. Increases epidermal thickness & enhances wound healing.
  4. Supports collagen & elastin.

Who wouldn’t want this amazing product? It targets 2 specific areas in 1 capsule.

Skin Biome is available to buy here at Celebrate Skin.

Skin Youth Bione 60 Capsules €68 = €1.13 a day

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