By Anne Savage, Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist, Celebrate Skin


1 of the quickest changes you can make to your skin is Jane Iredale Skincare Make-up

We spend our money and time on using Environ products and facials and then we put on makeup that has so many additives, talc and can cause breakouts and isn’t showing off our skin to its full potential.

Jane Iredale is the only 100% mineral makeup on the market others may say they are mineral makeup and a percentage are, but they also have added talc and additives that are not good for your skin. Jane Iredale skincare makeup is just that it is a full makeup range that treats your skin while enhancing your natural beauty.

Here are some of the benefits of these products;

  1. The only makeup to have broad SPF spectrum containing Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide which provide UVA & UVB protection. This creates a physical chemical free sunscreen. 7 of our products have earned the SPF seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. As 80% of advanced ageing is caused by light it is a must to use these products.
  2. It is non-comedogenic and oil free and does not block pores which would lead to breakouts. There are no chemicals, dyes, perfumes or skin irritants in any of the range. Is talc free.
  3. Is 100% mineral and as a result the pigment is rich which sit flat on the skin allowing to easily build and spritz in between layers for coverage. Only need to use a small amount of product so a little goes a long way with minimal top up required.
  4. It is anti-inflammatory as some products contain Zinc Oxide & Vitamin C, so it is ideal for sensitive & reactive skins as well as clients with Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea.
  5. Our dry products e.g. pressed powder has no shelf life because only natural preservatives are used such as: Pomegranate extract, Vitamin E, Grapefruit, Pine Bark extract. Our liquid products have a 1-year shelf life.

Jane Iredale skincare makeup really is an amazing product and will benefit your skin as well as your pocket as you can build up coverage with your foundation using the spritz so no need for a day and night time foundation also the contour palette can double up as a eyeshadow palette.

If you require any further information and would like to book a full or mini consult click on the link below.