Menopausal Skin

Ageing is part of life and for women we go through so many hormonal changes in our life from puberty, pregnancy and then perimenopause & menopause and all these changes really affect our skin. We all know what the menopause is when we do not get a period for 1 year, then we are officially in the menopause. This causes a hormonal imbalance, and it will affect our skin sensitivity, texture, collagen, and elastin production which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging of the skin.

What happens to our skin during perimenopause and menopause is similar, that is why we need to change our skincare routine/products increase supplements wear spf daily & skincare makeup that has added vitamins to help nourish the skin, because what worked before will not work at this stage of our lives. Our skincare, supplements etc has to help combat the effects of the perimenopause & menopause on the skin and help produce collagen naturally, boost hydration levels & maintain skin health.

Hormonally progesterone and oestrogen decline significantly during perimenopause and menopause. A Progesterone deficiency is responsible for many of the symptoms associated with menopause such as broken sleep pattern, night sweats, fluid retention, weight gain and osteoporosis. An oestrogen deficiency (anti-ageing & skin protecting hormone) results in a decrease of the production of collagen and collagen mass in the skin. This decreases the thickness and resilience of the skin resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin. A real sign is when we get fine lines around our lips, and we do not smoke. Fat cells are re-distributed from the face, neck, and arms onto the middle & tummy area because in our reproductive years our oestrogen is produced in our reproductive organs but during the menopause the oestrogen although less is produced is still produced in the fat cells in our breasts and tummy area.i. e the middle age spread!!

The main skin hormone is oestrogen and the deficiency in this hormone affects the skin’s barrier and causes the following changes to the skin.

  1. Excrete less oil & loose more water from the skin this in turn makes the skin drier.
  2. Decrease cell turnover and micro circulation which gives us a lacklustre/dull/grey appearance.
  3. Decrease in toxin elimination/immune function of the skin so we have dark circles, skin is not healthy.
  4. Decrease in function of melanocytes & vitamin D synthesis which makes us less able to tolerate the sun and we start getting pigmentation/sunspots.
  5. Hot Flushes & profuse sweating affects the dilation of capillaries on the face can cause broken capillaries, redness on the skin and makeup slides off.

Did you know that from the age of 25 years we lose 1% of Collagen a year, within 5 years of going into menopause we lose 30% of collagen and by the age of 70 we have only 10% of our collagen left.

I know that all these facts can be depressing but it is good to know what is happening inside our bodies at this particular time in our lives and what we can do to help combat these deficiencies in our skin. That is why it is so important that we start feeding our skin from the inside out by producing our own collagen, hydrating the skin, and boosting the skin’s health/immunity with a huge range of Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements available. Fortify our skin with Environ & Skin Formulas Vitamin A, C and advanced peptides creams and serums along with daily use of spf. Along with Environ facial systems which penetrate the powerful serums deep into the dermis of the skin to rejuvenate and prevent ageing of the skin. CACI non-surgical facelift machine is another powerful treatment to consider as it tackles the muscles in the skin by lifting, toning, and educating the muscles back into their original position. Heliocare spf is scientifically proven to be a powerful natural, supercharged skin specific antioxidant and skin protector with a patent ingredient called Fern block & Fern block FC.

Finish our skin with Jane Iredale Skincare makeup that is 100% clean minerals that will not aggravate the skin but has skincare properties included in its products. Jane Iredale makeup will not emphasise lines and wrinkles, will stay on all day, giving the skin a lovely dewy and healthy look.

A full consultation is so important at the start of your skincare journey to find out what are your skin concerns, wants/needs and then again during your skincare journey we could recommend different products when your skin is experiencing changes or if we think your skin needs a step up or boost. It really is an ongoing process, and we want you to get the most out of your products and treatments. Your homecare products are so important and the higher the AVST number you are on and rolling daily then the stronger the serums we can use during your environ facial treatment giving you longer lasting results.

For 1st time clients I always think that the full consultation and mini treatment is a great treatment to book as we will go through everything with you and get you started on your skincare journey, and you get to experience part of a environ facial. We will make up a treatment plan for you to make the most of the Environ Skin Facial Treatments and Environ or Skin Formula skincare along with Advanced Nutrition Programme and Heliocare spf and Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup. Every month when you are in for your Environ skin facial treatment, we will check in to see how your skincare routine is and how effective those products are on your skin then if needed we can make changes.

There are a lot of products and treatments available and let us make our skin the healthiest it can be so that you have one less thing to think about. Look forward to seeing you soon in the clinic.

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