By Anne Savage, Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist, Celebrate Skin


With the build up to Christmas well and truly on and there is more stress on our bodies it comes out on our skin in the form of blemishes, lack of radiance, black circles etc.  The last thing you want is to have a breakout or somebody tell you how tired you look around Christmas.  One important thing to remember is to drink loads of water this will help your skin by flushing out toxins and give you more energy. Sometimes we think we are hungry but in fact we are thirsty especially after a night out.

I would recommend the following products from across our range. Firstly, we feed our skin with ANP supplement which feeds the skin from the inside out and covers the whole body, followed by Environ Skincare which will tackle specific skin concerns and finish with your Jane Iredale Skincare makeup.

ANP Skin Antioxidant: Skin Antioxidant is formulated by plant nutrients and antioxidants (protects the skin from harmful free radicals/pollutants) including bilberry, turmeric, green tea and grape seed extracts. These ingredients help safeguard your skin health from the inside out and keep it looking younger for longer. It also consists of betacarotene which is equivalent to Vitamin A and Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, heals and repairs the skin. This is really a great supplement that can be taken all year but is particularly good when your skin is under stress.

Environ Revival Masque: This is also known as “Facelift in a Jar” and they reason been of its 3 amazing ingredients which Environ is the only company to use these 3 together. Lactic Acid (Exfoliate, hydrate, Lighten & brighten the skin) Asiatic Acid (stimulates type 1 collagen which is the best collagen and tightens the skin) Mandelic Acid (smooths out uneven skin, refines pores, lighten & brightens the skin). It makes the skin luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalised, who wouldn’t want to use this product.

Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup: 1 of the quickest changes you can make to your skin is skincare makeup. If your skin is lacking radiance or has blemishes this makeup will give you a flawless finish while caring for your skin. I have picked out a key product and that is hydration spray. There are 4 types of hydration sprays each one specific to a skin concern I personally use D2O as it contains Chamomile & ylang ylang it calms, hydrates and plumps the skin. At this time of year with cold weather outside & heating inside it is important to keep spritzing to keep moisture locked into the skin.

The combination of these 3 products will help combat the effects of stress on your skin.

Please contact us for any further information on these or any other Products, Environ & CACI Facial’s & Massage Treatments available here in Celebrate Skin.