By Anne Savage, Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist, Celebrate Skin



Firstly, let me congratulate you for starting to use Environ products. Your skin will thank you for it! Environ is different from other skincare brands you may have used in the past. Here is some general information to help you get the most out of your products and to talk you through the way to use them. It really is a lot of information to get when you start and if you ever need any further information just get in touch and we will happily talk you through the process. I am concentrating on our best sellers in this piece.

If you are not using all of these products at the start that’s okay. The most important steps in any routine are cleansing, feeding and protecting. We do this with a cleanser, vitamin enriched serum and spf. Eventually you can add toning, eye products and masques etc. as you become used to one element of your routine and want to address something else. Always use Environ from the nipples up. Otherwise the skin on the face and neck will age different to your chest area. All these areas incur light exposure and so need to be treated the same. Environ don’t do a specific day and night cream as we believe the most important thing is to get vitamin A into your skin twice a day, as it is the only vitamin scientifically proven to heal & repair the skin.

There are two main lines in Environ: Skin EssentiA and Youth EssentiA. The main differences between Skin EssentiA and Youth EssentiA are the price and potency. Skin EssentiA is more budget friendly & works slower whereas Youth EssentiA is a more expensive and works quicker. A choice will be made depending on the client’s skin needs.

In order to have healthy skin and get the most out of the products they need to be used correctly. Please always cleanse, moisturise and protect with spf, anything after that is a bonus.

Here is a ‘how-to’ for some of our bestselling Environ products:

Dual Action Pre- Cleansing Oil – In the evening we pre-cleanse the skin to remove the first layer of dirt, pollutants and makeup. To use apply a few drops to face and neck. Wet hands and massage well to form a milky emulsion. Remove with a warm face cloth. Use in the evening as your first cleanser.

Mild Cleansing Lotion We need to double cleanse at night to remove all traces of dirt, make-up and pollutants as well as excess sweat & oils. Firstly, pre-cleanse the skin as above. Then apply Mild Cleansing Lotion to the face and neck. Massage well concentrating on any blemishes, around the nose, hairline, neck, though the brows and even behind your ears. Cleanse for 1-minute and remove with a warm face cloth. If you don’t have Pre-Cleansing Oil do the same thing again as the second cleanse really gets into the skin and removes any further dirt etc. Use1 pump on damp skin morning and evening.

Low Foam Cleansing Gel – This is a hydrating and refreshing cleanser suitable for combination skin or any person who prefers a wash. To use 1st pre-cleanse the skin then apply low foam cleansing gel to damp skin. Massage well until you get a smooth lather and concentrate on areas of concern, around hairline, nose and neck. Rinse with tepid water. Use 1 pump morning and evening.

Sebu Wash Cleanser – This is an antibacterial face wash and has Salicylic Acid (not to be used if you have an aspirin allergy). Apply to damp skin and massage gently until mild foaming occurs. Use a pea size amount and every second night starting off. Rinse off with tepid water. Use morning and evening.

Skin EssentiA Moisturising Toner – This moisturising toner contains special ingredients which work together with Environ products to moisturise the skin, improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and preparing the skin for your moisturiser. Use after you cleanse and apply a few drops to your hands and pat all over the face and neck. We don’t always recommend you use cotton pads as they can cause friction on your skin if used daily. If you had a lot of makeup on you can use a cotton pad but make sure you have enough toner on it, so it isn’t dragging your skin. Allow the toner to dry into the skin then apply your moisturiser. Use morning and night.

Vita Peptide Eye Gel – This amazing eye gel contains essential vitamins, antioxidants & specially selected peptides to improve the appearance of fine lines & assist in hydrating the skin.  Use half a pump onto to your ring finger and pat the gel around the orbital bone, across the eye lids and between the brows, working out towards your hairline. We move in the direction of your hairline so that we can remove any fluid or toxins from around the eye. If you have any excess product on your fingers apply to your frown lines on forehead or around the eye. Use morning and evening.

Hydrating Oil Capsule These capsules are a powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamin A to energise and hydrate the skin and are like a skin tonic. Do not take the capsules orally! Instead, you break the top of capsule and apply all over the face, neck and chest. If sensitive, you might need to be on vitamin A for 3 weeks before introducing. These are brilliant for dry skin and are amazing for event prep. Use after you have applied your moisturiser, waiting at least 1 hour. You and can use 2 to 3 times a week depending on how your skin looks and feels.

AVST1 to 5 – These moisturisers have an innovative formulation with vitamin A and a full brigade of antioxidants and in the higher formulations, peptides. The concentration of vitamin A and C increase as you go up through the numbers and that is why we have a step-up system. You use 2 bottles each of AVST1, 2 and 3. You stay on AVST4 for 6-12 months. You maintain on AVST 5 and then add on C-Quence Serums or Retinols. Use 1-2 pumps starting from the chest upwards to the forehead in light upwards movements. Use morning and evening.

It is very important for the client to know that they may get a retinoid reaction and it occurs when too much Vitamin A is used too soon. Not everybody gets a reaction and if you do it’s okay, we’ll tell you how to manage it! Just stop using on the affected area, use every second day till your skin is okay or drop down to a lower dose cream. Super Moisturiser is great as a comforter too as it doesn’t have any vitamin A in it. Signs of a retinoid reaction are redness, small reddish pimples (may feel itchy), dryness, puffiness or inflammation. We recommend that when you are going to step up from AVST 4 to 5 that you start using AVST5 twice a week, then three times a week, building up to daily use to avoid a retinoid reaction.

On your second bottle of AVST2 you start rolling as the stratum Corneum (top layer of skin) will be in such good condition that it will have thickened and become more compact. Rolling will help you increase the penetration of important vitamins into the skin to generate better and quicker results. We will talk you through rolling during your consultation.

Super Moisturiser – This is a rich moisturising and comforting cream formulated to relieve dry skin conditions by strengthening the epidermal barrier. It is great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers and those having a retinoid reaction. It holds 72 hours of moisture. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply before your AVST moisturiser to slow the penetration of active vitamin A. 1 to 2 pumps used morning and evening.

Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15 – This is a light textured face and body sunscreen with a combination of sun filters and sun reflectors. It contains lactic acid to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Apply to sun exposed areas 30 minutes before light exposure over your Environ vitamin A moisturiser. Reapply liberally and regularly every 1.5 to 2hours. Can be worn under make – up and all over face & body.